Oil Producing States In Nigeria

Nigeria is considered one of the biggest oil production players in Africa. Nigerian Government is largely dependent on the Crude Oil Market. For the previous few years with dropping of Crude Oil prices due to wars in Syria and Ukraine, Nigeria experienced problems with revenues from the main export product. Moreover, inner problems, like terrorist attacks of Niger Delta Avengers provided a shortage of crude oil in Nigeria. Still, the country reconquers its position on the Global market. Top oil producing states increased the scale of crude oil production in 2017.

According to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Nigeria has showed a significant increase of oil production. With the help of oil producing states, Nigeria managed to rich the scales of 1.782 million barrel per day. Therefore, Nigeria managed to overrun its closest competitor Angola, which produces 1.692 million barrel per day. For September 2016, Nigeria showed results of 1.5 million barrel per day; this situation had already continued for seven months. Only in November, Nigeria managed to produce the same amount of crude oil per day as Angola did.

December 2016 Monthly Oil Market Report showed that the list of crude oil producing states in Nigeria managed to provide a significant advantage over Angola. Moreover, Angola cut its output for 78 000 barrel in December. Therefore, it only produced 1.688 million barrel, which provided Nigeria`s advantage of 94 000 barrels.

Top 10 oil producing states

Abia State

Abia provides over three installed flow stations and 100 oil wells. It`s one of the regions in Nigeria that provides not only crude oil but also gas. Shell holds most of the licenses for the oil production of the state. There are more than 50 oil wells under Shell`s control. Imoturi provides over 23 000 barrels per day, where Isimili flow station gives over 8 000 barrels per day. Still, due to poor funding from its revenue allocation, the state is considered to be complicated.

Edo State

Edo state is considered to be in the list of crude oil producing states in Nigeria. The capital of the state is Benin. Edo is also reaching on natural resources, like granite, clay, iron ore, gold and fine sand.

Imo State

The state is rich in natural resources, like crude oil, zinc, natural gas and calcium. There are over 163 oil wells in the state. They are operated by Agip, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron Corporation and Addax Petroleum.

Anambra State

The first ceremony of opening the private refinery Orient Petroleum Refinery was held at Aguleri area in 2006. Anambra State is on the list of oil producing States in Nigeria due to its capacity to produce over 55 000 barrels per day. Still, Anambra as one of the producing state projects wouldn`t be the reality if not efforts of Governor Peter Obi. The State`s company managed to record a breakthrough of oil producing in the Anambra River Basin.

Lagos State

Lagos state is on the list of crude oil producing states of Nigeria too. It`s the richest of oil producing states. Still, it’s also one of the major commercial hubs. Moreover, Lagos city is considered to be one of the fastest growing areas in Africa.

Cross River State

Cross River has recently become much poorer as Akwa Ibom State took over 76 oil wells. Cross River State is placed in the South-East of Nigeria. The capital of the State is Calabar. It has a lot of tourist sites, like the Ikom Monoliths, Cross River National Park and Calabar Carnival. Still, some reports show that due to the loss of 76 oil wells, the Cross River State is kicked out from the list of crude oil producing states.

Bayelsa State

Bayelsa State is located in the south region of Nigeria. It`s considered to be in the list of crude oil producing states. It was formed in 1996 from parts of the Rivers State. Bayelsa state is considered to be in top oil producing state due to its natural gas and crude oil deposits. Still, the majority of the State lives in poverty. The capital of the State is Yanagoa and the major ethnic groups are the Epie-Atissa, Izon, Nembe and Ogbia.

Delta State

Delta State is one of the regions in Nigeria, which produce oil. The capital city of the state is Asaba. The state is located in the Delta of Niger River. It`s composed of over 25 local government areas. The heart of region oil industry is Warri. It produces the biggest share of the state`s oil production output. The major ethnic groups of the Delta State are the Itsekiris, Isokos and Urhobos.

Rivers State

Rivers state managed to provide over 60% of crude oil in Nigeria. Still, Akwa-Ibom took over most of the oil wells in the state. The capital of Rivers State is Port-Harcourt. Nevertheless, the state is famous for its vast resources of crude oil. It used to be one of the most significant natural resources zones of the British Empire in Africa. The State has two major seaports, airports and various industrial enterprises across the land.

Akwa-Ibom State

The State is number one in crude oil producing states of Nigeria. It removed Rivers State from its position. There are over five million people in the state. The capital city of the state, Uyo, is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. It`s also coastal state as it shares the boundaries with the Atlantic Ocean. Akwa-Ibom State is divided into 31 local governments. Over three major groups provide the majority of the population. These groups are Ibibio, Annang and Oron.