At Batoil services we offer a wide range of services


We offer services to support professional execution of projects and development in the oil and gas sector which include:

Hydrographic Surveys

State-of-the-art bathymetry and seabed surveys are executed for clients in the oil, gas, marine construction, naval and ports authority industries including pre-dredge and post-dredge surveys, buoy mooring and channel surveys. We employ swathe and multi-beam echo sounder suites in addition to sidescan sonar solutions to difficult hydrographic challenges. Hydrographic solutions include tidal monitoring, current profiling, meteorological analysis, siltation studies, seabed classification etc.

Positioning & Navigation

Personnel, positioning equipment, navigation computers and advanced positioning software are available to position drilling rigs precisely on to new and existing drilling locations. In addition, tracking systems have been developed for the positioning of anchor handling tugs and other ancillary vessels. Batoil also provides assistance with the installation of platforms, jacket sections and templates in offshore hydrocarbon provinces. Surface and sub surface positioning data is integrated to generate graphics showing the position, yaw, pitch, roll and depth of the structure being lowered and leveling information when it is on the seabed.

Geotechnical Surveys

Soil investigations are often required by clients in the oil, gas and construction industries to solve civil engineering and offshore construction problems as soil formation is considered in engineering designs. Batoil undertakes geotechnical investigations on soil types, soil classification, shear strength, porosity, permeability and engineering properties of soils to determine their strength and foundation properties. Equipment used include gravity corers, jumbo piston corers, drilling rigs, CPT and PCPT equipment.

Geophysical Surveys

We undertake geophysical surveys for pipeline route, cable route and drilling locations. Information on the sediment layers and soil stratigraphy within the seabed is acquired by using equipment with different penetration levels and energy outputs depending on client specifications and project requirements. Also, equipment can be deployed to identify debris, unconformities, salt diapers, stratigraphic faults, subsea channels, existing man made structures and other possible hazards to field development activities. Equipment includes sub bottom profilers, sparkers, boomers and side scan sonars.

2D High Resolution Seismic Survey

Our dedicated survey vessel, equipped with high resolution multi-channel geophysical acquisition systems is rapidly mobilised and operated to check for the presence of shallow gas deposits and other hazards at proposed drilling sites. High quality mapping and on-board interpretation services are available. For more details please contact us.

Cathodic Protection/Corrosion Monitoring

Batoil Services Nigeria Limited, is pleased to offer the most complete line of corrosion monitoring systems, as well as cathodic protection, coating, inhibition,material selection and all other methods of corrosion control. Our goal is to serve our client with the best equipment, reliable and continuing expert service that corrosion control and monitoring systems require.

Construction Support

Seabed and substrata studies are vital to the planning, design and construction phases of any offshore development. Vessels, personnel and equipment are provided to locate any potential engineering hazard such as structural faults, gas pockets, reefs and man-made obstructions. Also, in conducting pipe-lay construction projects, survey support including route reconnaissance studies, pipe-lay positioning, pipeline route surveys, surveys during pipe-lay operations and pipeline inspections can be provided. Detailed studies using terrestrial and satellite positioning, echo-sounders, sidescan sonars, sub-bottom profilers and magnetometer equipment, as well as soil sampling can also be undertaken prior to pipe-lay operations. These surveys chart water depths and locate suitable sea floor characteristics for optimum pipeline route selection.

Metocean Surveys

Batoil Services can undertake surveys for taking current measurements, tidal monitoring, wind speed, direction and metocean studies. We keep a suite of current profilers, weather stations and tide gauges at our operations base in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Corrosion Control/Facility Inspection

  • Sandblasting /Painting
  • NDT Inspection Services (Ultrasonic thickness measurement and scanning, Dye Penetrant–Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection)
  • Coating Integrity Survey, Verification Dip- up and Coating Repairs
  • Cathodic Protection (Pre-design Survey, Detailed Design, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning, Monitoring, Maintenance and Refurbishments


We are offering additional services to support business and sector development in industrial sectors.

We offer the provision of surveyequipment for rental

We provide quality assurance and control for all types of survey projects


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