BATOIL does onshore geotechnical investigation to provide guidance on adequate type of foundation recommendation and ground improvement techniques in the construction industry for various structures. Geotechnical investigation involves in-situ testing, subsoil sampling and laboratory testing of the soil samples.

Field tests for Geotechnical investigation / Soil testing:

  • Boring and SPT test
  • Cone Penetration tests (DCPT & SCPT)
  • Plate load test
  • Field California Bearing Ratio test
  • Electrical Resistivity test
  • Field density test
  • Field Van shear test

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing is an essential part of geotechnical and also we undertake materials testing on selected construction materials.

BATOIL has an efficient & well equipped air-conditioned laboratory that performs testing with reference to Indian Standards. High quality testing is performed using the state of art technology.

These testing procedures which BATOIL provides addresses the need of the clients in construction and related industries. These tests are a part of the quality control procedures prior to and during construction of commercial, industrial and other projects. Our Geotechnical laboratory testing services include classification testing, stress and strain testing. Our Quality control and assurance services include compaction testing, sampling, surveying and inspection.