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“Weather station” with a remote sensor

The product was provided for writing a review by the store. But the hygrometer will show. It connects to the station provided that it is connected to the batteries at the same time (run up to 3 minutes is allowed). The set included a "weather station" (base), instructions and a remote sensor (transmitter). The station itself is small. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules

“Weather station” with a remote sensor

The numbers are almost invisible. This must also be taken into account. And here is an excerpt from the instructions for the dryer. There is no such goal for me. Surely many will say that they have lived all their lives without a hygrometer, and even more so without a dehumidifier.
The battery compartment is at the back. I’ve done reviews about hygrometers, but that’s another level. If the humidity is excessively high, a dehumidifier is needed, or endure (endure all hardships and hardships with dignity and honor.). This is a conventional thermohygrometer with a remote sensor.
Do you need? Depends on many factors. In general, as usual, but I warned. It also dries the air, of course, if it is not turned on for heating. He https://jiji.ng/port-harcourt/smart-watches/apple-watch helped me especially when we just moved into a new apartment.
The usual nameless box. Let’s go through quickly, in what form everything came. I have it and more than once saved me in the offseason.
The display is very small. The review turned out to be large and very, very boring. All contents are in a bubble wrap. Everyone decides for himself. A good desiccant costs good money (health also costs money while you have it. So I’m just sharing my experience. Personally, in the off-season, I collected up to 3 liters of distillate per day (on especially “good” days). There is a lot to discuss on this topic.
Folding stand.
I scanned the instruction (in English). Well, air conditioning helps in summer. The remote sensor can be hung from the mount at the back. We also lived without an air conditioner, and our ancestors lived in dugouts, and they were an order of magnitude healthier than us … There will be tables, graphs and excerpts from GOST. The house was damp, everything was glued, plastered, but you have to live. An external sensor is needed for these purposes.
Powered by two AAA batteries. Who cares, let’s go. The radius of action is 30 m (written in the instructions). "Weather station" with external
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what to do in the off-season, when the temperature "overboard" is above 15 degrees, and the humidity outside is unknown? Here, indirect methods for determining humidity (moisture settling on windows) will not help. If you don’t have health, money won’t help). Who needs it, you can look at the scan 1 and 2 part. But for that, he is a transmitter, in order to transmit all the data to the base.
The remote sensor operates at a frequency of 433 MHz.
Battery compartment under the same format (AAA). My air conditioner has an interesting mode, I can’t say anything about other air conditioners: This "weather station" is a conventional thermo-hygrometer with an external sensor, a standard clock set (time, day of the week, alarm clock. ).
The remote sensor is smaller. Ventilation may not help here. If the humidity in the street is high, it can be aggravated. Review about the "weather station".
Can be installed on a stand.