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Solar Power Car Branded- Toyota…

Solar Power Car Branded- Toyota Sign LCD Key Chain

And I had to check out a new store and so the choice fell on him, especially since I had wanted such a trinket for a long time. The first impression upon arrival was "I got drunk!" because the key fob did not blink under any circumstances, I twisted it in my hands and noticed the buttons for the clock (H and M) on it and a barely visible clock in the corner of the key fob, I thought that it was just an ion pill inside. threw it on the windowsill with the idea of ​​picking it up later. I’ll start from the very beginning, I saw such a keychain in the stall of the union seal, it just flashes the inscription when it is powered by a solar battery. But after 2 days everything turned out to be much more interesting, I found that the key fob was blinking and the clock was clearly visible. As it turned out, there is an battery tablet inside, which is charged from a solar battery on the side of the keychain, and it blinks only if there is enough electricity for both charging and blinking, that is, only the watch works from the battery, after 3 days in the sun , threw it into a dark box, worked for 2 days, then the numbers just become indistinguishable, but time still goes by, I think for my money a very cool gadget for the keys to my favorite toy.