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Notepad, POINTBOOK Spiral А5, 64 sheets, 100 g/m

We’ll get to her. Pens: Moonman Ti200, MAJOHN S6, Schneider BK406, Dianshi DS-N95z gel, DS-914 rollerball.
I’m waiting for exclamations about the price of a cast-iron bridge. Useful for inking, small tests and sketches The density of the block is 100 g/m2.
The cover is pleasant with a UV-flake coating in the form of leaves of tropical plants. Will the ink seep through to the other side? Total. Paper, according to one specialist, is purchased from Mondi and Goznak. For a pen, it’s mediocre compared to Clairefontaine.
No Corgi anywhere … Cover: cardboard. Books are not so lucky. Unified requirements for the safety, identification and labeling of children’s and adolescent products that have not previously been in operation.
I don’t understand the blind copying of the cut corners "like steep ones". An extra operation per batch also goes to minus the money from the consumer’s wallet. Not super duper, but rather average quality. Still how they seep and warp the paper.
On the back cover of the tropics. The volume is felt.. We open the package and examine the sample that I got. Fastening: spiral. Made in Aksai, Rostov region. And I don’t draw sketches and bugs… A piece of the leaf is visible below. On thick paper, you can draw with gel pens, pencils, felt-tip pens, pastel crayons or paints. A small minus gives rise to the rejection of domestic brands in favor of imports. Weight: 234 g.
The scan showed. For cream lovers
(bize) the paper is the most, although it is rude. Savings are savings on equipment, and the appearance will scare away demanding aesthetes. A4 format, 64 sheets. If you want to cut do not save on knives. So no complaints about Ozone because of their nasty stickers.
Preliminary results. At first glance, it tastes like wood without chlorine or fragrance. Thick paper, convenient format – all this is very convenient for drawing. I just got tailed when buying a batch of stationery by one group of active moms to save money. Made in Russia, not imported. Tactilely pleasing rough cover with a double pattern, even unnecessary. You can go to the site and see other products:
At times there are slight folds, and some inclusions in the sheet.
Spiral with peeled enamel. What about the paper. Let’s put it aside.
The beetle on the cover is gorgeous. During out, replace or do not touch. Dimensions: 210x165x13 mm.
The disadvantage is a slight marriage during varnishing – a fold (the cardboard is not damaged).
This is a promotional speech from open sources. Notebooks with beautifully designed covers are ideal for both professional artists and beginners. The purchase was part of an organized group. And not only. We got 185 rubles. for 1 piece Several days have passed.
We look at the service information about the product on the cover.
Cover: cardboard. A dot-book is a dot-lined notebook. It was quite possible to reduce the price by removing an extra operation in production. On a walk, I took out a “beetle” from my bag and a pen from my pocket with writing. tools. And so if you pick it up and pick up the angle, it will turn out that the beetle is in the foliage. On the left, the same pack of Eco paper. Fastening: spiral. Date of manufacture: January 2022 And other information unnecessary for the user with a duplicate in the Kazakh language.
Each notebook is packed in an individual bag with a glue valve. What is here (?). Complies with TR CU 007/2011. Alas, the destiny of this notebook is gels, balls, rollers. Later. This is a 238 page document, technical regulation of the customs union 007/2011 "On the safety of products intended for children and adolescents".

Notepad, POINTBOOK Spiral А5, 64 sheets, 100 g/m

They are on the package, not in the most prominent place on the cover. Prof-Press Publishing House.