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K-2SO toy robot from the Star Wars saga

A warm May day, the birds are chirping, the assembly is https://jiji.ng/building-materials/security going slowly. There is a detailed instruction that very successfully skips the assembly of duplicate steps. (Bad Chinese) Material: plastic The parts of the robot are sorted into packages, I advise you not to take out the excess, but to take it as needed.
The son did not even suspect that he needed her, but the father already knew in advance)) Item Name: Robot Building Blocks Toy The thought came to my mind that my son definitely needs this toy, he can’t do without it. "The first 40 years of childhood are the most difficult in a man’s life?" Supplied simply in a package.

K-2SO toy robot from the Star Wars saga

Review from the series: Inside there is still a division into packages with details. For the first time I saw this robot in the movie "Rogue One", and in fact he probably pulled the whole movie. Next, we assemble according to the instructions, periodically comparing with the picture. If one part was found in one package, then all similar ones should be looked for only there, which simplifies assembly. block Quantity: 169 pcs. Package size: 30.5 * 23 * 5.7 cm Color: black