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gagadget needs your support

gagadget needs your support

Friends! Our most inquisitive readers in the world! In the entire 14-year history of the gadget, we have never considered options for a paid subscription or any fees from the readers of our site. Fairly believing that earning funds for the maintenance of the editorial office is our task, which we will not shift onto the shoulders of our readers.

The crisis that began in 2014 with the Revolution of Dignity was hard for us, but we survived it. We went through the next economic downturn associated with the global pandemic of 2020 much more confidently, not least because the economy began to rapidly move online. But now we are in a completely different situation. The electronics market in which we worked, in fact, collapsed. And with it, almost all the channels available to us for receiving money turned out to be blocked. We continue to work, but we have no one else to turn to for help but you. We need your financial support.

Of course, we all work for our victory, and our help is demanded, first of all, by those who need it most – our defenders and volunteers, who provide support not only to those who fight face to face with the enemy , but also to millions of Ukrainians who need the simplest and most vital things: refugees, women, the elderly and children. And the more difficult it is for us to take this forced step.

We continue our work and do what we do best – tell hundreds of thousands of people about how to get support during the war, what new services to use, and also keep you up to date with important events taking place during this war . And we will continue our work even if this call for help does not find a response But we will be glad to any amount of financial assistance that you (or your organization) can provide to the editors gg .

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Thank you for having us. If you are unable to provide financial support, please support us on social media by following our pages on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram. And feel free to repost those materials that evoke your