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Chinese batteries Nikon EN-EL20 “1200mAh” and dual charger for them

A pair of new EN-EL20 and EN-EL22 was also tested for comparison (and understanding of their current state).
With a pair of batteries:
But the opposite is impossible – EN-EL20 is thicker and does not fit into the compartment. A micro-usb cable is attached to the charger, half a meter long, thick enough and, according to the smartphone, passes “2A” and instructions: A preliminary check by usb testers at the entrance showed that the consumption is variable. The current varied from 0 to ~1.7A. Discharge current 500mA, end voltage 6V. Indications of imax in the same order (partially used for NiMh mode, which allows you to set an arbitrary final voltage): Charger:

Contacts 2, they are spring loaded. Weigh 38.9 and /39.2g, original 40.7g Native network chargers MH-27 and MH-29 are completely compatible in both directions. From which it follows, firstly, that they have a protective controller, and perhaps it had jars of different capacities, one dropped below the threshold. Both charged up to 7.83V. Batteries, in the middle of the original from the J1 kit for comparison:
Label: It is a little thinner and has a mechanical key that interferes with its installation, which must be cut off. In practice, the camera does not discharge to such a level, so this is not critical. It can be seen that the capacity of those under consideration is the same, 850mAh, it does not reach the capacity of the original, even the elderly one, and even more so up to the declared 1200, but given the price, it can be considered acceptable. The packaging is a general box in a thin package, it contains a box with a charger and two boxes with batteries. The EN-EL22 turned out to be in the worst condition, it has an increased internal resistance compared to the rest and the capacity has already noticeably dropped (a discharge to 5.5 allowed us to remove another 50 mAh).
Charged – green indicator: Despite the fact that the delivery was "china post air mail", but the seller scored on this. But all the same, the sediment – there is not always someone at home to guard the courier.

Charging – red indicator: Sent by some courier service (RETS-express? track JNTCU*). For testing, Imax b6ac was used as a stable current discharge device and a usb oscilloscope was used to fix the process. From the features – one of the Chinese EN-EL20, when it reached ~ 6V, the overdischarge protection worked and it turned off. On the sides there are plastic plates holding the battery, inserted tightly:
Batteries were additionally in pimply bags. In the pros, except that the preliminary call is not “I’m already here”, but a few hours in advance.
A set of a pair of EN-EL20 batteries (for Nikon 1 J1 / J2 / etc.) and charging for them for a pair of batteries from usb. The charger from this kit is also compatible with EN-EL22, although it comes in a little looser: By the way, EN-EL22 can be used in cameras instead of EN-EL20 (the declared capacity differs little – 1010/1020mAh).

Chinese batteries Nikon EN-EL20 "1200mAh" and dual charger for them

The capacity is promised 1200mAh (original – 1020). The charger, according to the specification, should provide 1 * 800mA or 2 * 600mA at the output, this is not entirely true, the maximum current for one battery really reaches 700-800mA at an input voltage of 5-5.5V, when reduced to 4.3- 4.5V drops to ~500mA, but for two, everything is somewhat more interesting.