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discount bath bombsMuscle Soothing Bath Bomb Recipe


1 c. baking soda

½ c. citric acid

½ c. tapioca starch

1/3 c. epsom salts

2 tbsp. powdered or ground ginger

2 tbsp. shea butter, melted

12 drops lavender oil that is essential

8 drops ginger essential oil

8 drops ylang-ylang oil that is essential

5 falls black pepper oil that is essential

Spray container of witch hazel


Sift dry components together in a big glass bowl. Combine shea butter and crucial oils, drizzle over dry mixture and mix with fingers. Spritz with witch hazel as needed to hold combination together. Pack into molds, pressing securely.To know about soap guy bath bombs reviews and best discount bath bombs, check out all of our page natural bath bombs review; this website,.

If you wish to make moisturizing bath salts, then chances are you'll need certainly to atart exercising . oils. Essential olive oil is really a great oil that is offered in pretty much every food store.


My favorite colorant for bath salts is ordinary food coloring that is old. To tell in case a colorant is safe for cosmetic usage, then check that it's some of those authorized by the FDA. Many meals colorants are considered safe for cosmetics. The numbers "FD & C Red No. 40" means color that is red is safe for Food, Drugs & Cosmetics. Some meals colorants do not have the FD&C in the containers, but then it's typically considered safe for cosmetics too if it says "food color.


Aesthetic grade fragrances or oils that are essential maybe not normally found in grocery stores, but important oils can be found in some wellness shops. You will need to order your EO (essential natural oils) or FO (fragrance oils) from a seller that is reputable or find a health store that sells EO.